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MMOG/LE Requirement 3.3.1

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MMOG/LE Requirement 3.3.1 indicates that a process shall exist to plan production requirements and to maintain the parameters of the production planning system.

How Does AIM Help Automotive Suppliers Meet This Requirement?

We help suppliers integrate customer requirements with key operational parameters to support on-time delivery to the customer.

MMOG / LE Requirement – Automatically Integrate Customer Requirements when Generating Production Schedules

Customer Delivery Forecasts (830/DELFOR) and Shipping Schedules (862/DELJIT) are automatically received into AIM Vision system via the unattended EDI mailbox and can be schedule to pull in early morning hours or off peak times. The various EDI data formats from customer (trading partners) are translated into a common data format so that reports are viewed in a consistent fashion.

The AIM EDI process validates demand against blanket purchase orders, and can automatically updating and creating blankets as needed. AIM Vision blanket orders track supplier cumulative shipped quantities, record customer cumulative received quantities along with new net requirements to determine net requirements due.

Demand quantities are smoothed before updating to the Production Scheduling module, which is the quantities can be rounded to standard pack container size, and ship code logic and transit days are applied to ensure the Master Production Schedule is based on proper shipping days and time to transport from your plant to the destination facility.

The Production Schedule Update, which can be set to run in background takes all demand for an item (EDI, manual, and spot buy order quantities) and calculates the Master Production Schedule (MPS), while considering finished goods inventory, safety stock and minimum run quantities. The MPS is then used for the purpose of planning manufacturing, material and capacity requirements.

MMOG / LE Requirement – Integrated Operational Parameters and Production Requirements

The master production schedule takes these AIM Vision operational parameters (e.g. transport time, lead times, inventory levels, packaging) and internal production requirements (e.g. supplier constraints, scrap rates, set-up times) into consideration when calculating the production schedule and material (MRP) and capacity requirements planning (CRP).

  • Quantity on Hand for subassemblies, raw and purchase items
  • Quantity Used (BOM)
  • Safety Stock (Item)
  • Lot Quantity (Item)
  • Scrap Allowance (Part Routing)
  • Material Allowance (Part Routing)
  • Scheduled Receipt Quantities (Purchasing)
  • Production Rate (Part Routing)
  • Queue Hours (Part Routing)
  • Overlap Indicators (Part Routing)
  • Safety Days (Item)
  • Lead Time Days (Item)
  • Transit Days (Order)
  • Standard Pack Quantity (Order)
  • Company defined Hours per Shift (Scheduling Parameters)
  • Workcenter defined Hours per Shift (Work Center Master)
  • Calendar defined Hours per Shift (Shop Calendar)
  • Order Method (for Items set to MRP or MRP Lot for Lot)
  • Minimum Run Quantity (Item)
  • Run Lot Size (Item)
  • Multiple parts per tooling
  • Alternate routings
  • Alternate Bill of Materials

MMOG/LE Requirement – Review Requirement Changes

Being aware if your customer sends same day changes and knowing what time those are published can help you to ensure the impact of these changes is considered in your production plan. You can use AIM Vision to run the update demands, and production schedule update automatically, and daily, at a specific time. This will allow you to review requirement changes to the production plan in a timely manner.

MMOG/LE Requirement -Manage Phase Out Parts

Operational parameters such as packaging and transport time are maintained at order level, and lead times and inventory levels are maintained at the item level. These can be used to help manage “phase-out” parts and to assist you avoiding production over-runs.

Next Steps

Do you need help integrate customer requirements into your production plan? Are you struggling with on-time delivery to the customer? Contact us to discuss how we can help you meet MMOG/LE Requirement 3.3.1 and all your Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) requirements.

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