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MMOG/LE Requirement 4.3.1

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MMOG/LE Requirement 4.3.1 version 6.0 indicates your organization has a shipping process that ensures dock operations are optimized and the quantity shipped reconciles with the customer’s requirements.

Why is this important?

An efficient dock operation minimizes the risk of shipping errors. Missed or inaccurate shipments can result in premium freight and/or production disruption at the customer.

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How Does AIM Help Automotive Suppliers Meet This Requirement?

Automotive suppliers use AIM Vision to minimize the risk of shipping errors with efficient dock operations.

On a daily basis, suppliers receive the latest EDI requirements and update this just-in-time data to the system. After the EDI data has been updated you can use the Daily Shipment Reports to manage shipments; the Daily Shipment by Carrier helps suppliers organize shipments by Carrier, while the Daily Shipment by Destination/Dock helps suppliers organize shipments by Destination and Dock Code.

Utilize the AIM Mobility Shipping app as a verification process that detects if items and/or quantities to be shipped do not match the customer’s requirements.

MMOG/LE Requirement – Optimizing Dock Operations

You can optimize dock operations by utilizing shipment load IDs that are used to group shipments and help ensure your dock staff are preparing these shipments based on the carrier’s scheduled window times. Dock personnel can use the Staging Manager to manage and prepare shipments. Management can use the Visual Dispatcher to monitor the status of the shipment as it relates to the Carrier’s scheduled window time (Horizon Start Time / End Time). Once a shipment is within 15 minutes of the Horizon Start Time, the Ship Date and Ship Time will change from black font color to bright bold orange font color; if the Horizon Start Time passes and the shipment has not been scanned and processed, then the bright bold orange text changes to bold red text to alert of this missed window.

MMOG/LE Requirement – Resolving Quantity Discrepancies

Shipment quantity discrepancies are identified with the check for exceptions AIM Mobility – Shipping App process, and called out on the dock-side tablet. The shipping manager be required to resolve the discrepancy. If it is determined that the inventory does not exist, the shipping manager can approve the shipper so the quantity on hand can be shipped to the customer.

Next Steps

Do you need help optimizing your dock operations? Contact us to discuss how we can help meeting MMOG/LE Requirement 4.3.1 and all your Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) requirements.

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MMOG/LE Requirement 3.4.1Meet MMOG and Supply Chain Management Requirements