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AIM product literature

Want to learn more about AIM and it’s product offerings?  Download these flyers for the latest product details.

AIM Vision is the automotive manufacturer’s one-stop solution for managing their most crucial functions. This highly customizable software allows modern manufacturers to address their unique needs. From the shop floor to the front office, AIM Vision keeps every element of the manufacturing process trackable, traceable and efficient.

Because manufacturing happens on the plant floor and modern automotive manufacturers need the ability to input information using the latest hardware technologies AIM offers AIM Mobility—Manufacturing Productivity Apps. AIM Mobility Apps provide real-time methods to input transactions into the AIM Vision ERP suite through Android tablets, with bar code scanners, directly from the plant floor, or hi-lo.

Meeting the needs to the automotive supplier has been our number one priority for nearly 40 years. AIM Vision is geared to help improve supply chain management processes and meet Global Materials Management Operational Guidelines / Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) requirements. Download this AIM product literature flyer to view requirement level details.

AIM Computer Solutions has partnered with TruOI, maker of iDashboards business intelligence and enterprise reporting software to bring you the best in data visualization for the AIM Vision ERP solution. Download this AIM product literature flyer to preview our current dashboards and charts.

AIM AutoCOR is an EDI Order Management and and barcode label solution for automotive production part suppliers who use Epicor ERP to manage their business. The core of this product is our flagship software that helps suppliers manage inbound and outbound customer EDI processes, release accounting & order management, bar code labeling, and shipping paperwork.

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