AIM Vision®

AIM Vision® is the ERP solution for repetitive manufacturers. Our AIM Vision client base is largely focused on small to medium sized automotive production parts supplier, and in recent years of a few Fortune 500 companies have also joined the family of AIM Vision customers.

More than just applications

Not just applications, but alerts and watchdogs to keep you on schedule. Watchdogs monitor critical parameters to proactively prevent operator errors during transaction input.

Services and Support

We offer you convenience and a staff of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you with your implementation, training and support needs. Testimonials speak to our outstanding customer support, our long term stability, and our commitment to the automotive production parts supplier.
If you are experiencing schedule management issues, unreliable EDI, unplanned overtime, expedited or premium freight expenses or you are falling short on automotive mandates contact AIM for assistance tailored to your industry.

AIM Vision – Proven Solution for Repetitive Manufacturers