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MMOG/LE Requirement 2.3.2

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MMOG/LE Requirement 2.3.2 states that there is an internal communication process for notifying and reviewing any incidents or deviations from the supply plan. Communicating potential disruptions or deviations within the supply chain with managers and employees is important so that problems can be assessed, contained and your company can establish an interim plan to mitigate or minimize the impact.

How Does AIM Help Automotive Suppliers Meet This Requirement?

Dashboards, Reports and Alerts. Oh my! AIM Vision helps empower you with the information you need to make the right business decision.

MMOG/LE Requirement – – Communicate Supply Plan Deviations

While scheduling formal meetings lies in the hands of the organization, AIM can certainly help communicate deviations in the supply plan through automatic emailing of system reports via a scheduled background processes.

Additionally, crucial supply plan deviations are established through the AIM Vision Alerts process, that will email and / or text all relevant internal resources when conditions exist:

  • The EDI Release Net Change Alert identifies if the firm requirements of an order change by a user specified percentage or more.
  • The Shippers affected by Change in Firm Requirements Alert triggers a communication if there is a change in a firm requirements that would affect a current shipper.
  • The Net Availability Shortage Alert emails the report of the same name to resources based on timing frequency; this report cumulates total common material required for all parts for the next specified number of days and alert if material on hand drops below zero.
  • The Inventory Min/Max QOH Exception Alert compares the Inventory Quantity on Hand (QOH) to the Minimum QOH and Maximum QOH defined in the Item Master. The report identifies the quantity on order, quantity in WIP, quantity under minimum QOH and quantity over maximum QOH so you can make procurement decisions.
  • The PO Days Past Due Alert will email specified employees when any purchase orders are past due a company define number of days.
  • The PO Items on Hold Alert triggers an alert when received material remains on hold longer than a specified number of days.

You can also use the AIM QDIP Dashboard to measure Key Performance Indicators for productivity, efficiencies and quality. Display this data on monitors throughout your facility to aid in continuous improvement.

Next Steps

Are you looking to improve your internal communication process for deviations in the supply chain?  Contact us to discuss how we can help your meet this and more  Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) requirements.

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