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MMOG/LE Requirement 3.5.1

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MMOG/LE Requirement 3.5.1 indicates your organization has the capability to electronically receive delivery forecasts and shipping schedules using customer specified web-based tools (e.g. EDI, Web EDI, Web Portal).

Electronic transfer of data eliminates manual data entry errors and increases business efficiency through automatic exchange of information across the supply chain.

How Does AIM Help Automotive Suppliers Meet This Requirement?

AIM specializes in automotive electronic data interchange processing. Since the early days of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), we have developed our software solution to meet the EDI needs of the automotive production parts supplier.

Learn more about EDI software for automotive suppliers.

Suppliers can reduce time and costs, and allow resources to be more productive through automated electronic receipt of customer orders.

MMOG/LE Requirement – Automatically Integrate Delivery Forecasts into the Planning System

Delivery forecasts (e.g. 830/DELFOR/planning releases) and delivery requirements (e.g. 862/DELJIT/shipping schedules, 866/DELJIT/sequenced shipping schedules) are automatically received and processed to the system through our unattended EDI mailbox. Once updated, through Release Order Accounting to the Production Schedule module, the Master Production Schedule (MPS) generates a complete list of required finished goods needed to produce the demand quantity. The MPS is then used to calculate MRP and CRP.

The AIM Vision EDI automatic integration includes all sites involved in the manufacturing and shipping process. Our EDI processing can be configured to include special handling for suppliers who outsource manufacturing and shipping via a 3rd party facility.

Next Steps

Do you need help electronically receiving delivery forecasts and shipping schedules? Are you struggling with getting this data into your planning system? Contact us to discuss how we can help you meet MMOG/LE Requirement 3.4.1 and all your Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines / Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) requirements.

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