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EDI Order Management for Epicor ERP

AIM AutoCOR is a turnkey EDI and bar code label solution for automotive production part suppliers who use Epicor ERP to manage their business.  Working in cooperation with Epicor ERP Demand Management module it helps automotive suppliers comply with OEM and sub tier obligations for EDI, bar code labeling and shipping paperwork, including MMOG/LE and IATF 16949:2016 requirements.  Inbound Customer EDI demands are pushed into Epicor and utilized to determine what needs to be manufactured.

AIM AutoCOR works with the Epicor Purchasing module to send supplier EDI requirements and manage inbound ASNs from suppliers for raw and purchased parts.

As manufacturing is completed, shipments are created in Epicor and pushed into AIM AutoCOR for processing of bar code labels, paperwork and EDI as required in the automotive industry.

aim autocor software EDI Order Management for Epicor ERP

What It Does


EDI Software

Fully mapped Electronic Data Interchange takes the guess work out of sending and receiving electronic data.  Available transaction sets include: 830 Material Release, 862 Shipping Schedule, 850 Purchase Order, 860 Purchase Order Change, 856 Advanced Shipment Notification, 810 Invoice, 997 Functional Acknowledgement, and 824 Application Advice.


Orders Management

AIM AutoCOR processes inbound EDI order requirements and kanban data, keeping track of the necessary order level details required for outbound EDI and package bar code labeling.  Automotive industry logic for standard pack rounding, accum quantity management, kanban and order number / RAN management are applied before order quantities are integrated to the Epicor Demand Management module.


AutoCOR Unposted Demand Process

Use this dashboard to review and automatically reprocess unposted demands to Epicor from AutoCOR.  It uses criteria that replaces complex troubleshooting with clear, corrective action procedures.


AutoCOR Supplier EDI Dashboard

Helps the user manage material quantities before being published to AutoCOR and subsequently sent as EDI purchase orders to suppliers.  This tool allows you to split demands to different suppliers, address partial EDI demand initialization (order some but not all of the demand) and adjust delivery dates.


AutoCOR Shipping Lineup

Once you are ready to ship the AIM AutoCOR Shipping Lineup will automatically build shippers by Ship To Location and allow inclusion of past due quantities and packaging rounding to standard pack or full pallet, which are automotive industry best practices.  This function helps simplify the AIAG bar code labeling and shipping process by sending the ship quantities to the AutoCOR application so package and pallet labels can be created and scanned or assigned to create customer specific (OEM/Tier) shippers and ASNs.


Epicor Master Tables

AIM AutoCOR attributes have been developed with minimal footprint within Epicor.  This limited exposure to existing business logic makes integration easy to manage.  Epicor tables serve as master tables for Customer and Ship To, Ship Via, Terms, UOM, Warehouse, Part and Supplier information with real-time synchronization to AIM AutoCOR.

  • Over the past seven years, our company has been working with AIM Vision. The software has provided us with a great solution for Repetitive Manufacturing and is very strong in providing a solid solution for EDI, Inventory Control, Production Posting, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving. On the Accounting side the software talks seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Overall, we have been happy with the Support from AIM and the overall software. Great Group of people and they are based out of Michigan. Prior to AIM Vision, we used another ERP package for over 7-years and walked away from it; then moved over to AIM Vision.

    Accurate Gauge & Mfg., Inc., Manufacturing Engineer

  • I like the system's versatility because you can use it just to translate the EDI protocols or to ship all your finished goods and labeling system using Kanban systems; it will ensure the correct performance of your shipping process.

    Manufacturas Estampadas. S.A. de C.V. (Manesa)

  • Before AIM we didn't really have inventory control, we were guessing at everything.  Now with AIM Vision we have better inventory control, we know what we have, where it is, what warehouse it is in; I'd have to say it's about 97% accurate.

    Dajaco Industries

    Dajaco Industries
  • AIM has helped us because EDI, ASN and Bar Codes are seamlessly integrated into the software so we never have to have a special person handling it.

    Grant Industries

  • AIM Vision has been an excellent vehicle to streamline and our shipping processes and improve our efficiencies to shipping product and supporting our customers.  So much so, that General Motors has recognized us as a Supplier of the Year recipient.  We feel that the AIM Vision system has been instrumental in improving all facets of our business.

    LTC Roll & Engineering

  • After implementing AIM we were able to reduce our required staff from 7 to 3 full-time supervisor employees for our 80 person production facility.

    AFC Stamping & Production Inc.

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