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Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels and make informed business decisions

Companies can plan ahead and gain competitive advantage through inventory accuracy and visibility across multiple warehouses.

Real-time inventory reporting leads to greater confidence in inventory accuracy through the use of bar code technologies. Daily end-to-end inventory transactions provide complete traceability and detail lot tracking.

High inventory accuracy reduces the need for physical and cycle counts. Use of bar code technology and mobile apps makes inventory counts much more efficient and effective.

Accurate inventory helps companies improve business operations and enhance customer satisfaction by producing better production schedules and delivering on-time products.

Reliable inventory levels save costs, increase profits and free up money for other operations in your business.

inventory management track inventory lot traceability locate inventory

What It Does


Track Real Time Inventory Transactions

Automatically track each inventory transaction and create a comprehensive audit log and accurate part balances to help manage plant operations.


Perform Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts

Use Wi-Fi enabled tablet apps and scanners for cycle and physical inventory counts to reduce time and labor needs and increase accuracy of collected data.


Manage Lot Traceability

Track inventory from purchased and used raw material through lots produced and shipped with drill down and lot audit capabilities that allow for root cause analysis, and proper containment and resolution.


Locate Inventory

Track inventory by warehouse and location within the warehouse. Location level tracking optimizes movements of raw materials, WIP and finished goods.


Facilitate Customer Returns and Concerns

Approve and plan disposition of returned material, provide initial traceability for root cause analysis, and automate customer refund and supplier CUM adjustment.


Manage Engineering Change Levels

Create, plan and implement engineering changes to control product and process modifications.

  • Over the past seven years, our company has been working with AIM Vision. The software has provided us with a great solution for Repetitive Manufacturing and is very strong in providing a solid solution for EDI, Inventory Control, Production Posting, Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving. On the Accounting side the software talks seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Overall, we have been happy with the Support from AIM and the overall software. Great Group of people and they are based out of Michigan. Prior to AIM Vision, we used another ERP package for over 7-years and walked away from it; then moved over to AIM Vision.

    Accurate Gauge & Mfg., Inc., Manufacturing Engineer

  • I like the system's versatility because you can use it just to translate the EDI protocols or to ship all your finished goods and labeling system using Kanban systems; it will ensure the correct performance of your shipping process.

    Manufacturas Estampadas. S.A. de C.V. (Manesa)

  • Before AIM we didn't really have inventory control, we were guessing at everything.  Now with AIM Vision we have better inventory control, we know what we have, where it is, what warehouse it is in; I'd have to say it's about 97% accurate.

    Dajaco Industries

    Dajaco Industries
  • AIM has helped us because EDI, ASN and Bar Codes are seamlessly integrated into the software so we never have to have a special person handling it.

    Grant Industries

  • AIM Vision has been an excellent vehicle to streamline and our shipping processes and improve our efficiencies to shipping product and supporting our customers.  So much so, that General Motors has recognized us as a Supplier of the Year recipient.  We feel that the AIM Vision system has been instrumental in improving all facets of our business.

    LTC Roll & Engineering

  • After implementing AIM we were able to reduce our required staff from 7 to 3 full-time supervisor employees for our 80 person production facility.

    AFC Stamping & Production Inc.

Why It Matters


Maximize Efficiency and Productivity in Operations

Improve inventory accuracy through recording real-time transactions that reduce cycle counts, generate stable schedules, and save time and effort.


Prevent Product Shortages

Avoid scheduling interruptions as a result of insufficient material. Increase customer satisfaction and decrease expediting expense with on-time delivery.


Eliminate Excessive Inventory and Mitigate Obsolescence

Increase inventory turnovers to ensure better use of working capital. Reduce extra handling and storage space costs. Support lean manufacturing strategies by reducing waste.


Lower Costs

Decrease inventory write-offs and reduce inventory carrying costs through effective inventory practices.

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