Are you ready for an AIM Vision Usage Assessment? -

Are you ready for an AIM Vision Usage Assessment?

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The Consulting Group at AIM Computers has developed a software usage assessment for customers to utilize and perform a self-assessment on their usage level of AIM Vision features and functionality.

Why Should You Do An AIM Vision Software Usage Assessment?

Our clients typically fall into two categories: 1) they purchased and implemented AIM Vision years ago and are running business as usual, or 2) they purchased a basic product level, like AIM AutoSys, to help meet your AIAG EDI and bar code labeling requirements.  In either case, this software usage assessment will provide an opportunity to see AIM Vision’s broad scope of software capabilities.  Taking the assessment will give you chance to evaluate how much of the product you have implemented.  Sharing your results with our Consulting Group will allow us to develop a plan to help you meet your process improvement and manufacturing goals.

How Can I Use the AIM Vision Software Usage Assessment Tool?

The AIM Vision Software Usage Assessment tool is an Excel spreadsheet containing 280 questions.  Each question identifies the AIM feature and the problem that AIM feature is used to help.

Product Level

The questions have all been grouped by product level (All, AIM AutoSys, AIM Vision Lite and AIM Vision with MES) so clients can start by evaluating what features your company is capable of utilizing based on your purchase.  This will allow companies to focus their self-assessment efforts.

AIM Module

The questions can be sorted by the AIM module.  This is the application menu within AIM Vision where the feature can be found.

Owner / Department

The software usage assessment has identified ten different owners or departments.  These are meant to reflect the group within your organization who would have the most knowledge on whether or not a feature is being utilized.  These columns will allow you to re-sort the spreadsheet so functionality for the Shipping department can be group together and reviewed with the Shipping Manager, while functionality and features that have to do with money can be reviewed with the Finance / Accounting department.  You can even redefine a question to identify the proper department within your organization who would be in charge of assessing the feature.

How do I get my copy of the AIM Vision Software Usage Assessment?

Reach out to your account manager to obtain a copy of this helpful assessment tool.  If you don’t know who that is, contact and they can help you connect with the right project manager.

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