New Service Offering: Onboarding Support for Business Continuity -

New Service Offering: Onboarding Support for Business Continuity

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We’ve noticed that the automotive and manufacturing industries are seeing increased turnover due to the current hot jobs market. AIM is offering a new service to onboard employees that will minimize disruption in production output due to staff turnover. For our customers using AIM Vision ERP, we will work with your exiting employee and onboard new employees on specific responsibilities in AIM Vision ERP. Our goal is to make sure that the institutional knowledge is passed on in an efficient fashion and that business continuity is maintained or enhanced.

AIM Will Work with Your Exiting Employee

As soon as your employee resigns, reach out to us. An AIM project manager will meet with the exiting employee, walk through daily tasks and debrief the employee on the AIM Vision ERP system tasks.

AIM Will Train and Onboard Your New Employee

After you hire the replacement employee, contact the AIM project manager to schedule training to onboard the new employee on the AIM Vision ERP responsibilities identified during the previous visit with the former employee. The AIM project manager will come out and conduct training for the new employee on AIM software based on what was discovered from the former employee.

This may include:

  • Navigating within the AIM Vision and AIM Mobility solutions
  • Training for operational-level AIM Vision tasks and with AIM Mobility apps and devices
  • Training new employee on how to use AIM Vision Help
  • Reviewing additional features that can help improve how the software is being utilized

How it Works

This new service offering to onboard employees is a buy-one-hour, get-two-hours-of-service deal.

The AIM project manager will spend up to 8 hours with the exiting employee and bill for this service at the current tenured resource rate.

The cost to train the new employee will be offset by the amount paid for services to record the exiting employee’s responsibilities.

For example:  If the AIM project manager spends six hours with the exiting employee and works with the new employee for 8 hours, then the first six hours will be free, and your company would only be charged for an additional two hours.

Let AIM guide you as you onboard employees. If you anticipate staff turnover and want to train and onboard your new employee in AIM Vision ERP, contact us today.

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