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AIM Releases New EDI and Bar Code Labels

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The newest software updates from AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. offer additional EDI Trading Partners, and AIAG bar code labels, for automotive suppliers. The recent service pack, Rev 11B SP 18, for AIM Vision and AIM AutoCOR offers the following new EDI and bar code label software.

New EDI Trading Partners:

  • Lucid Motors EDI, Transaction Sets: APERAK- Application Error and Acknowledgement, CONTRL – Functional Acknowledgement Control, DELFOR – Delivery Schedule, DELJIT – Delivery Just in Time, DESADV –  Dispatch Advice, ORDERS – Purchase Order, ORDCHG – Purchase Order Change Request, and RECADV – Receiving Advice
  • Means Industries, Inc. EDI, Transaction Sets: 830 Material Release and 856 Advanced Shipment Notification
  • Nissan Mexico EDI, Transaction Sets: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability, 862 Shipping Schedule, 856 Advanced Shipment Notification, 824 Application Advice, 861 Receiving Advice
  • THK Rhythm Automotive EDI, Transaction Set: DESADV – Dispatch Advice
  • Toyota Tsusho EDI, Transaction Sets: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability, 856 Ship Notice / Manifest, 862 Shipping Schedule
  • Yinlun TDI LLC EDI, Transaction Sets: DELFOR- Delivery Schedule, and DESADV – Dispatch Advice

These six trading partners add to the more than 450 EDI trading partners that AIM offers electronic data interchange solutions for suppliers.

New Bar Code Labels

Containers entering the production facility, and parts entering the service operations, or dealership, require proper labeling.  Automotive suppliers rely on AIM for the latest customer-driven bar code label changes, including these:

  • Serial and master labels for Metaldyne (AAM)
  • Serial and master labels for American Mitsuba Corporation
  • Master label for Borg Warner
  • Part label for BMW Service
  • Serial and master labels for DMAX Ltd.
  • Serial, master, and mixed labels for Faurecia
  • Serial and master labels for Isuzu Motors America
  • Serial label for L&L Products – Suppliers of Outsourced Processed Parts, end-customer GM
  • Serial and part labels for Lucid Motors
  • Serial and master labels for Magna Powertrain – Mexico – Ramos
  • Master label for Magna – Sonora Form Tech [SFT]
  • Serial and master labels for Means Industries, Inc.
  • Serial, master and mixed labels for General Seating / NHK Seating
  • Serial labels for Sisamex
  • Serial, master, and mixed labels for Toyota Tsusho
  • Serial and master labels for Toyotomi
  • Part labels for ZF TRW

Additional Service Pack Product Enhancements

Mixed-load pallet shipments for Ford Motor Company require additional paperwork that identifies the parts and quantities if each part in a mixed load to be printed on a Mixed-Master Load List and included with the shipping documents.

The Dispatch Advice (DESADV), packing slip and straight bill of ladings (BOL) paperwork for GM Customer Care and Aftermarket Service Parts & Operations (SPO) shipments have been enhanced to include the Source Code and DUNS number.  Additionally, for this trading partner, the Shipper Form and Straight BOL have been modified to include the TMS # (Carrier Pro Number) on the forms.

The process for creating an 856 Advance Ship Notice for Toyota Motor Sales suppliers has been updated to allow Case Labels for Toyota Motor Sales to be generated in the Auto Create processed of the Ship Order Entry.  This allows the shipper pallet details to be included on the outbound 856 ASN.

The To Warehouse has been added to the Reassign Receipts options. If lot tracking is checked ‘on’ for the Item Number, and the receipt is placed ‘on hold’, then the user has the option to assign the receipt to a warehouse.

The Last Received Date has been added to the main browse lookup on the EDI Receiver Default Profile and the EDI Receiver Profile. This will quickly identify the last time EDI was received in electronic communication from the customer.

AIM AutoCOR Specific Enhancements

A couple other specific enhancements have been included in this service pack for those installed with AIM AutoCOR, the EDI, Order Management and Shipping solution geared for automotive suppliers who run on Epicor ERP.

Please note, in order to receive these changes AIM AutoCOR customers must be on one of the following versions of Epicor: 10.2.500.24, 10.2.500.30, or 10.2.500.33.

The Tax Liability field has been added to the Epicor Customer table.  The Tax Code and Amount will update from Epicor to AIM AutoCOR for EDI 810 Invoice processing.

Modifications have been added to the AIM AutoCOR Ship Order Entry Import – Freeform Kanban filter to tighten up the import logic, and disallow the selection of kanbans that do not match the number of containers or total quantity of the imported shipper.

Next Steps

If you are an AIM Vision or AIM AutoCOR customer, we encourage you to install the Service Pack.

Looking for an ERP solution, or need help meeting automotive supplier mandates? Contact us today.

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