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AIM Delivers GM 1724-A Container Label Updates and More

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GM 1724-A Container Label Updates

The latest AIM Service Pack (Rev 11B SP15) delivers new GM 1724-A container labels updates for General Motors. These specifications were issued by GM World-Wide Purchasing on 11AUG2020 (version 2020, release 01) and have a mandated implementation date of 15FEB2021. The serial / container labels are available now and include the requested changes to have the Reference field moved between the Quantity & Material Handling Code, the Day/Month font size increased from 34 points to 63 points and require the Shipment Date Only data identifier.

Additional Bar Code Labeling Software Updates

With the release of AIM Vision Rev 11B Service Pack 15 AIM added many other bar code label enhancements including additional serial or container labels, mixed load labels and master labels for the following trading partners:

EDI Software Updates

AIM Computer Solutions is a leader in automotive EDI software solutions. The AIM Vision Rev 11B Service Pack 15 added software to process EDI for additional automotive trading partners:

In addition to the Bar Code and EDI enhancements we have included the following new options and product modifications:

Three new options were added in this service pack that allow users to re-update the Kanban data to the Barcode Kanban table to resolve exceptions with missing kanban data for a part number. Reprocessing inbound EDI communication files can lead to users updating old kanban information to the system. These new options: 1) Material Release Kanban Update, 2) Shipping Schedule Kanban Update, and 3) Purchase Order Kanban Update would eliminate that data management risk.

Additional logic has been added to the Reassign Accepted Receipt, Reassign On Hold, and Receipts Adjustment Entry to check if there is an AP Invoice Header/Detail on file for the Vendor Shipper Number + Vendor + PO Number combination that has not yet been AP Invoice Updated, and if so then adjusting or reassigning the receipt will not be allowed.

A modification for the Digital Whiteboard when the Use Whiteboard for Firm Planned Orders field in the Forecast Codes table is enabled and the tiles are locked on the Digital Whiteboard the Balance Quantity from the locked tile will be used to create the Firm Planned Order Quantity.

The combined length of the TO: and CC: fields for the Emailing Documents options has been increased to 200-characters.


Additional enhancements were released for the AIM AutoCOR product.

  • Increased the batches to live count in the AutoCOR Gateway Subscribe process from 20 to 2000 for transaction type tables to reduce occurrences of documents purging too quickly.
  • Updated the field mapping for the Tax ID Number from Epicor Customer > Billing > Detail screen to the AIM AutoCOR > Customer table, and from the Epicor Customer > ShipTo > Detail screen to the AIM AutoCOR > Destination table.
  • Added logic to handle the syncing of the customer part/item cross reference from EPICOR to AutoCOR for scenarios where the customer part can have two different item numbers. In this case, a second record should be added to the Customer Part/Item Xref for the second Item Number and include the Destination Code.

Training and Customer Support

Contact AIM Computer Solutions to request more information about new features available in AIM Vision. Customers can access the Service Pack Update via the Support Portal.

Meeting GM Bar Code Labeling Requirements

Are you a General Motors Supplier needing to meet bar code labeling mandates? Contact AIM if you are seeking and EDI and Bar Code solution that will to help meet the new GM-1724 A Container Label Requirements, or for any of your automotive EDI and bar code labeling needs.

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