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Streamline Shipping with AIM Vision Mobility Shipping App

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Efficiently shipping products can be tedious and error-prone for manufacturers without intelligent shop floor apps. Rather than counting on PCs and expensive scanners, manufacturers can use the AIM Vision ERP mobility shipping app on handheld tablets to streamline shipping tasks. It gives users the freedom and flexibility to perform tasks directly at the shipping dock or from a hi-lo with real-time intelligence. Users can:

  • Create master labels from staged container serial labels
  • View or delete individual labels from scanned ship orders and check for exceptions between what is ordered and what was scanned
  • Update the ship order
  • Print shipping paperwork

The AIM Mobility Shipping app is just one of a suite of productivity apps designed to automate and streamline shipping, MES, receiving, container move, inventory, clipboard, location tracking, and warehouse transfer and consumption. They give users the power of a PC and the mobility of a scanner in one handheld device, such as a tablet.

What the AIM Mobility Shipping App Does

The AIM Mobility Shipping app gives users real-time access to all relevant shipping information, including a list of available shippers with shipper number, destination code, shipper date and time, and destination name. Each shipper shows part data, including shipper line number, customer part number, container ID, ship and pack quantity, number of containers to ship, and number of containers already scanned.

Shipper Box data includes shipper number destination ship date and time and destination name

When integrated with our location tracking app, the mobility shipping app shows the oldest lot number in chronological order and its location within the facility. For each line item, the system identifies the item number, lot location, and lot number for each part in FIFO order.

location tracking lookup via shipping app

Scanning Labels

The AIM Mobility Shipping app makes scanning labels easy. Users can configure the scan data based on customer requirements. It might display, for example, shipper number, container ID and serial number. Users can also configure the prompting order of the app to streamline the scanning process based on specific requirements. The app also enforces error proofing with visual and audio alerts making it impossible to scan the same label more than once.

The AIM Mobility Shipping app error proofing also checks for invalid products, if the product scanned is for the correct shipper, and quantity mismatches, and ensures that the shipping label meets the destination requirements. In addition to serial numbers, the app can scan license plates and master labels.

scan serial master or mixed label to verify ship order

The scan status bar identifies the steps in the scanning process: (the part line is green for each of four steps).

ship order status four bars scanning begun scanning complete exceptions and update

The mobility shipping app takes users through the process, step-by-step:

  1. Create master labels for consolidated shipments
  2. Edit or delete scanned labels for on-the-floor corrections or to modify scans
  3. Check for exceptions: scanned vs. what was supposed to be scanned for the shipment
  4. Update shipment to the shipping system for further processing
  5. Print shipping paperwork (packing slips, bill of lading, master bills)
  6. Cancel

Users can delete scans as needed.  Deleting scans may reset the shipment status to incomplete, which gives the user the opportunity to scan the correct label.

Next Steps

Looking for efficiency and a streamlined shipping process. Let’s talk about AIM mobility apps that make shipping easier and more accurate.

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