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Toyota Shipping Confirmation System TSCS

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The Toyota Shipping Confirmation System (SCS) is a compliance mandate requiring Toyota suppliers to implement a shipping confirmation system with the goal to improve the supplier packaging and supplier shipping areas of the supply chain. This system captures and verifies skid or pallet information, in real-time, then captures and verifies shipment contents (destination, driver name, trailer number, and SCAC) before allowing the truck to leave the supplier dock. Once implemented, suppliers should be able to reduce labor hours by automating the steps in the control process, reduce human errors and increase speed and reliability.

How the Toyota Shipping Confirmation System (TSCS) Works?

AIM meets these mandates with two manufacturing productivity apps: 1) AIM Mobility – Toyota Skid Build App and 2) AIM Mobility – Toyota Freight Load App. These Android-based apps use Toyota’s shipping confirmation API platform to automate the data scanning, validation, and confirmation process.


AIM Mobility Apps for Toyota Shipping Confirmation System

Suppliers will utilize the Toyota Supplier Portal to print One Way Kanban (OWK) and Skid labels for each shipment.

The AIM Mobility – Toyota Skid Build App is used to capture each Kanban Box Label to link to the Skid Manifest. After the Skid Build has been confirmed by the Toyota Shipping Confirmation System, it will be available in the AIM Mobility – Toyota Freight Load App.

If exceptions exist, they can be entered via the app and include:

Pallet Build Exceptions:

10 = Revised Quantity (Toyota quantity reduction)
11 = Modified Quantity Per Box
12 = Supplier revised quantity (Suppler short shipped)
20 = Non Standard Packaging (Expendable)

Shipment Load Exceptions:

13 = Blowout – Space/Weight
14 = Blowout Recovery – Normal Route
15 = Buildout Recover – Normal Route
16 = Freight Pulled Ahead Already
17 = Freight Damage
18 = Expedite – Supplement
19 = Expedite – Blowout
21 = Continuous Load
22 = Expedite – Buildout
23 = Freight Pull Ahead (At pallet level)

Upon arrival of the carrier to the shipping dock, the AIM Mobility – Toyota Freight Load App is used to scan the trailer number, drop hook, seal #, supplier name, SCAC, driver information and each unique skid label. Upon acceptance in the TSCS, a confirmation number will be returned and displayed as a message in the Toyota Freight Load app. This confirmation is then provided to the driver before they leave the dock.

The supplier then completes the shipper update and sends the advanced shipping notice (ASN).

Toyota Shipping Confirmation System Flyer Cover

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Next Steps

If you’re ready to meet the Toyota Shipping Confirmation System mandate, and need an ERP solution provider who specializes in automotive EDI, then let’s talk.

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