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Customer Success Story: P.J. Wallbank Springs

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Automotive supplier P.J. Wallbank Springs’ explosive growth was straining their existing ERP system.  The process of adding new EDI and bar code labels to meet OEM and Tier customer needs was overly complicated and expensive.

To solve the problem, AIM Computer Solutions delivered AIM AutoCOR, a turnkey EDI and bar code label solution for automotive production part suppliers who use Epicor ERP to manage their business. AIM AutoCOR is a flexible EDI and bar code solution designed specifically for automotive suppliers.

P.J. Wallbank Springs’ system now validates bar code labels and ASNs on a customer-by-customer basis to meet all OEM and Tier requirements.

About P.J. Wallbank Springs, Inc.

P.J. Wallbank Springs is an automotive supplier of spring packs housed in transmission clutches. As a Tier One and Tier Two supplier, it manufactures more than 80 varieties of clutch spring products and supplies them to global customers. Exports make up more than 50 percent of the company’s sales. P.J. Wallbank Springs also designs and builds its own machines that assemble springs.

The Problem

When P.J. Wallbank Springs needed to add new customers and shipping locations with their required EDI mapping and label format changes, the company’s legacy ERP system made managing and testing these changes a time-consuming process. Moreover, the company was charged fees outside of its maintenance agreement on an hour-by-hour billable basis to change the EDI and bar code label formats.

The company needed a better solution – one that included a flexible EDI solution that would respond quickly to changes without additional costs.

“P.J. Wallbank sought a solution that was flexible enough to make onboarding our new clients a faster, more efficient process. We wanted a turnkey solution that would accommodate changes without incurring billable charges outside the maintenance agreement.”

Randy Grewe
IT Manager
P.J. Wallbank Springs

The Solution

Partnering with Epicor, AIM Computer Solutions implemented AIM AutoCOR, which is a collaborative order requirement solution made up of AIM EDI and bar code labeling and order management integrated with Epicor ERP. With AIM AutoCOR, automotive parts suppliers can easily comply with OEM and Tier requirements, including IATF 16949:2016 requirements, for shipping, EDI and bar code labeling.

The AIM Mobility Shipping app, running on Android-based tablets directly on the shop floor, reads bar code labels and verifies shipper information, offering even greater efficiency.

Now the company uses AIM AutoCOR to process inbound customer EDI requirements and to capture customer specific information used on bar code labels and outbound EDI transactions.

The dashboards in the solution manage the OEM customer requirements and supplier releases and easily create shippers. AIM AutoCOR validates bar code labels and ASNs on a customer-by-customer basis to ensure they are meeting customer requirements.

“With AIM’s vetted label and EDI formats, we no longer worry about last minute changes and software breaking. It just runs and does what it’s supposed to do.”

Randy Grewe
IT Manager
P.J. Wallbank Springs

Read the P.J. Wallbank Springs customer success story. Looking for a better EDI and bar code solution? Contact us today.

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