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AIM Mobility Location Tracking App Delivers Plant Floor Intelligence

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The AIM Mobility Location Tracking App, from AIM Vision ERP’s suite of manufacturing productivity apps, gives real-time intelligence about the location of items or products on the plant floor. It is a simple, tablet-based app that captures item storage location, from inventory to assets. It associates all items with a virtual storage location.

Using the AIM mobility location tracking app, operators create track IDs or use system-generated lot numbers to associate items with a virtual storage location that they define at the time of storage. The tracking data is not pre-defined – operators create a non-validated, free-form text string that identifies where items are located and when they were stored. Operators create unique tracking data that fits specific plant requirements.

The location tracking app basically answers the question “where’s my stuff?” It is especially useful for distributors. Operators can conduct a daily scan and share the plant-floor intelligence with the team, identifying “this is what I saw today.”

How the AIM Mobility Location Tracking App Works

The location tracking app consists of three primary functions:

  • Put to Location
  • Grouping
  • Location Lookup

Put to Location function

Operators enter free-form storage location text and identify the track or group ID by location for each item using the Put to Location function.

Grouping function

With the Group function, operators group units together and use the group ID to track where units are stored, similar to a master shipping label.

Location Lookup Function

Using the Location Lookup function, operators search for items by location ID or item number to find their location. They can use the track ID and query its last location or look up a specific location and see a list of all items by location.

In a distribution warehouse, the location tracking app is very helpful, as one person can walk the warehouse and scan current product information while it gets cascaded to the entire team in real time.

When operators use the AIM Mobility Shipping app with the location tracking app, they can dynamically locate, in FIFO (first in/first out) order, the storage location for lot numbers of the item being shipped.

Available Lots with Location from Shipping App

The Lot Inquiry screen from the Inventory menu shows location and last location date.

Lot Inquiry screen

To locate a specific item, operators can query an item and see information by all containers of that item, sorted in FIFO order, with the latest recorded location.

The Print track label option creates a relationship between the item number and a tracking ID.

Print Track Label option

When printing group labels, the group ID appears first.

Group ID labels

The Print Group Labels option prints sequentially numbered group tags. Print them as you group items together, or pre-print them to always have them ready for grouping tracking labels.

If a track ID label is damaged or lost, operators can reprint the labels.

Watch the entire AIM Mobility Location Tracking app video.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to gain real-time location intelligence with the AIM Mobility Location Tracking app, let’s talk. It’s time for improved location data.

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