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Streamline Receiving with AIM Mobility Receiving App

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The AIM Computer Solutions Mobility Receiving App, from AIM Vision ERP’s suite of manufacturing productivity apps, simplifies how manufacturers receive product into the warehouse. Working with a tablet and handheld scanner, operators scan pre-labeled material to receive it into AIM Vision ERP rather than having to manually enter it. Users scan inventory receipts from suppliers and vendors via bar codes. The Mobility Receiving App makes it easy to scan materials directly on the floor instead of taking a shipper to a desktop PC for manual entry.

Among the benefits of the Mobility Receiving App are:

  • Improved productivity, less rework, and fewer quality control issues
  • A more sustainable, streamlined receiving operation
  • Easier, faster, and more accurate inventory and supply chain management
  • Improved workflow = a better inbound receiving process with bar code scanning support directly in the warehouse receiving area

How the Mobility Receiving App Works

Starting on the Mobility Apps screen, select the Receiving icon.

AIM Vision Mobility Apps

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving App icon

Operators configure the Mobility Receiving App to collect the appropriate data from the pre-labeled material from the vendor to fit specific requirements.

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving App configuration

All material received from vendors must have unique serial numbers – the app allows operators to add a prefix or suffix if any serial numbers are the same from different vendors.

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving app identifies received material by shipper number, vendor, part number, quantity, full PO number, and serial number.

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving App review scanned labels

Operators review the information about the received material to verify and approve it to complete the receipt into inventory.

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving App opyions

Operators can select different options on the app to:

  • View or delete scanned labels
  • Check for exceptions
  • Update to receiving

AIM Vision Mobility Receiving App

Watch the entire AIM Mobility Receiving App video.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to simplify receiving with the AIM Mobility Receiving app, let’s talk. It’s time to streamline shop floor receiving.

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