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Two Partners Join the Epicor Automotive Alliance

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AIM Computer Solutions leads the Epicor Automotive Alliance, a group of Epicor Partners who collaborate to deliver services to automotive production part suppliers. The group has more than 30 resources available for implementations and other ERP software services.

Customers of the EAA are generally large automotive suppliers, often with global operations and complex multinational accounting requirements.

EAA’s mission statement defines its purpose:

To cooperatively work together to provide the absolute best software and services to the automotive part manufacturer, at the most competitive pricing, by leveraging our combined skills and experiences.

The Epicor Automotive Alliance combines the expertise of Epicor partners into one seamless enterprise with a focus on supplier success. The partners, led by AIM Computer Solutions are: Six S Partners, Savire Tecnología y Procesos (México), Encompass Solutions, Inc., Datix, e2b teknologies, and 2W Technologies, Inc. They are joined by two new partners: The Quartz Group and Capstone Group.

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