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AIM University Classes – November 2019 to March 2020

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AIM University classes are here!

Do you have new resources that need AIM Vision training? Or perhaps you want to cross-train some employees.  AIM University classes are just the answer.  These three-hour classes will be offered at our corporate offices located in Fraser, Michigan.

What will be covered?

EDI: Setup, Exceptions & Processes

The EDI class will educate users on what is electronic data interchange (EDI), how to setup EDI file maintenance options in order to process EDI, how to process and auto-schedule EDI, how to obtain reports, manage data and address EDI exceptions.

Physical Inventory: Overview of Processes & AIM Mobility Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory class will cover best practices in performing physical inventory counts.  It will compare AIM Mobility Physical Inventory versus the manual physical inventory process.  The pre-physical processing steps will be reviewed in addition to the physical inventory process.  Everything that a team leader would need to know to perform your next physical or cycle count.

Order Management

The Order Management class will help educate users on managing the data received electronically into the AIM Vision Orders module.  It will include basic setup information, in addition to Customer and Shipping specific setups.  A major aspect of this module is data management, so this class will cover Spot Buy versus Blanket management, CUM management, and how EDI versus non-EDI trading partner orders are managed.  Finally, we will cover how to use Reports and Inquiries to investigate requirement discrepancies, past due quantities and CUM issues.


The Costing class will cover topics related to manufacturing costs tracking and roll-up for financial management. Specifically we will cover Cost Types (Standard, Budgeted, Actual), Cost Methods, Cost Components (Material, Labor, Burden), Costing Setup, Category Costing.  We will cover how to enter Indirect Costs and perform the Cost Rollup Process.  Finally, we will explore the numerous costing and variance reports.

GL Interface

The GL Interface class is gear for those who interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It will include GL Interface Setup and assigning GL Accounts via GL Class Codes.  We will review GL Transactions along with maintenance of those transactions before exporting that data to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Finally, we will explore the numerous reports from AIM Vision that can be sorted by GL Accounts.

Bar Code PO Receiving and the Receiving Process

This class is geared for those who have implemented the Purchasing module and are ready to incorporate bar code technology best practices into the receiving process.  It will cover lot control and bar code receiving, vendor labels versus AIM generated PO labels, the bar code receiving and receipt adjustment processes.

PO Requisition

The PO Requisition class will instruct users how to setup this purchasing subsystem to gain tighter control on your purchasing process.  It includes understanding how PO Requisitions interface to AIM Purchasing, discussion on PO Requisition setup considerations and parameters, and how to setup Buyers, Authorizers and Requistioners to meet your PO Requisition implementation.  In addition, we will explore the PO Requisition process and discover how the reports and inquiries can help with implementing this subsystem.

Two more classes we offered, but not yet scheduled are Shipping and Outside Processing.


The Shipping class is will cover key setup and processes for shipping department resources and supervisors.  It includes setup functions in the shipping parameters and file management areas, including container setup and management.  The various options for shipper creation will be covered, including: Staging Manager, Ship Order and Shipper Maintenance.  Users will learn how the AIM Mobility – Shipping app can be used for shipment and label verification.  In addition, expedited shipment tracking processing will be included.  Finally, we will walk through the ASN Process and discuss how reports and inquiries can be utilized in shipping processing.

Outside Processing

The Outside Processing class will review in detail the best practices for managing outside manufacturing processes and how these interface with the AIM Vision Purchasing and Production applications.  We will discuss the known outside processing scenarios and how best to setup your records for proper processing.  We will explore outside processing shipping and receiving processes, including vendor transfers where WIP parts go from one vendor to another.

Be sure to review the video for dates and times.  If none of these work, reach out to Denise Woods, our AIM University classes lead trainer to discuss alternate times.

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