AIM Computer Solutions Hosts User Group Event -

AIM Computer Solutions Hosts User Group Event

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AIM Computer Solutions recently hosted customers at its quarterly user group meeting. Customers attended the event at the company headquarters and accessed the event remotely.

At the user group meeting, AIM executives shared information about the features and benefits available through its new Service Pack 8 which greatly expands the functionality and effectiveness of AIM Vision, its ERP solutions for manufacturers. Among the many highlights of Service Pack 8:

  • Provides more flexibility when scheduling process reports in the background
  • Automatically updates Master Label Assignment Maintenance entries based on latest serial labels
  • Shipping paperwork can be chained on a destination by destination basis, saving time and reducing missed paperwork
  • Delivery Confirmation shipping paperwork for automotive OEMs has been improved for enhanced visibility
  • Ability to identify and track a virtual storage location associated with physical and cycle counted parts is easily viewed and accessible by appropriate team members

The one thing that all of the Service Pack 8 enhancements have in common is that they are designed to simplify operations on the factory floor and make data more usable and easier to access. Go to for additional details about AIM Vision and the other solutions that AIM offers manufacturers.

For the majority of the user group meeting, AIM staff focused on demonstrating what Project Managers call the “Gold Star Implementation” of the Finished Goods to Shipping Process.  AIM Vision ERP, AIM Mobility and Mobility MES apps were featured. Nearly 100 people connected via the Web or participated in person for this user group meeting.

“Just by using the handouts which were distributed beforehand, and being online, I was able to easily follow along with the demonstration and really get an understanding of the process and how AIM’s software can be used,” said Paumac Tubing’s Mary Sanctorum. “I have heard about all the features in AIM,” stated Plant Manager Pat Keena at Eclipse Mold, Inc. “It was neat to see them working together at the user group meeting.”

“We are always excited to share information about product enhancements with our customers and get their feedback on the next generation of potential solutions,” stated AIM Marketing and Communications Director Dorothy Joseph. “It’s gratifying to see the enthusiasm our customers show for embracing our evolving product line. Our objective at our user group meeting is to listen to the customer and develop the tools that help them succeed in a competitive marketplace.”

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