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AIM Automates Non-EDI Orders for Automotive Supplier Paumac Tubing


Paumac Tubing, LLC is an automotive supplier of large and small diameter tubes, delivering bending, flaring, end-forming, cutting, welding and expansion services to OEMs and aftermarket distribution centers. The company sought an improved process to automate the entry of non-EDI orders that it received as email orders or via fax.

The Challenge: Manual Processes for Non-EDI Orders

Paumac Tubing would receive on average, 75 non-EDI orders per month, via email or fax orders. Staff would have to manually enter these orders into the AIM Orders module of its AIM Vision ERP solution, a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Manual entry processes are tedious, rife with opportunities for keying and entry errors, and costly in time and resources. Moreover, the entire order entry process for non-EDI orders lacked visibility.

“Our order entry/customer service reps are the best, but manual data entry processes are just asking for trouble with potential errors and typos. By automating the data extraction from email orders and PDF orders, we’ve gained a much better view of our non-EDI orders,” commented Julie Kozak from Paumac Tubing.

The Solution: Automated Order Extraction

AIM guided Paumac to a solution that saved time, resources, and headaches from manual errors. Orders are now secure and accurate with automated document capture and data extraction. Order details now appear in the AIM Orders module in real time.

The solution resulted from AIM Computer Solutions creating a process to automatically extract order information from an email or PDF document and upload it into the AIM Orders module. Faxed or emailed orders are processed and downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet, which is then converted into a standard X.12 830 Material Release format. Paumac then performs a Manual Request in AIM Vision to process the flat file as if it had been electronically received.

Results: Time Savings and Efficiency

Now Paumac processes non-EDI orders electronically in the AIM Orders module in one-third the time it takes to enter them manually. The company has gained full visibility into its non-EDI orders in real time. The AIM Computer Solutions team implemented the automated order solution quickly, with minimal training.

“We’re saving time and money – now we can process non-EDI orders faster and they’re 100 percent reliable,” commented Julie Kozak from Paumac Tubing.

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