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Fully Integrated Supply Chain Software allows Automotive Supplier to Achieve Major ROI


The Grant Group, consisting of Grant Industries, Inc., Press-Way, Inc. and Eagle Assemblies, Inc. located in Fraser and Clinton Township, Michigan offers value-added stamping, clips and assemblies to the automotive industries.  Grant Industries has been manufacturing a wide range of stamping, clips and assemblies since 1963. Adopting the latest technology and efficient production methods, Grant has been able to deliver the highest quality parts at competitive pricing.

Robert Grant, President and Steven Grant, Vice President of The Grant Group share their success story:

“Grant Industries, Inc. has been partnered with AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. since the mid-1980’s when AIM offered a press (efficiency) monitoring package.  Back in 1985 Grant had a custom billing & shipping and MRP software system.  Our main OEM customers, General Motors and Ford Motor Company were beginning to communicate electronically and Grant needed an EDI software supplier. We began a search for automotive EDI vendors —and selected AIM because they were one of the very few that provided a fully integrated supply chain software package with EDI (Releases and Advance Shipment Notifications) and Billing & Shipping and MRP.”

“As much as the industry is striving for a common method of communicating via EDI —it is as varied as the customers we serve.  Each customer has their unique EDI and barcode requirements, which we are required to be compliant with.  AIM’s software allows us to be compliant with all OEM and tier customer EDI and barcode requirements. This includes fully integrating all customer requirements transmitted via EDI into our shipping, bar code and ASN systems.”

“Press-Way, Inc. implemented the Container Movement sub-system, part of the Manufacturing Execution System application, which provides lot traceability from raw material to finished product. As raw material is received, a unique lot number is assigned and a bar coded receiving tag is produced. When the production process is performed the raw material lot number is scanned and linked to the stamping via the container movement process. Each posting through container movement requires a link to the component lot used (if any) at that step. This provides complete traceability –as required by the automotive industry.”

“Implementing the outside processing application allowed us to better track our product as it went from process to process (work in process). This module also increased the accuracy of our paperwork associated with outside processors (making sure that the correct specifications are performed on the proper parts as well as paying the negotiated prices for the processes based on actual receipt quantities).”

“The implementation of the Capacity Requirements Planning application provided several advantages. Our scheduling went from a manual process which was subject to much individual interpretation and done weekly or bi-weekly to an automated scheduling process done daily which is based entirely on specific customer requirements, inventory quantities, lead times, queue times and process speeds. A team of 4 was needed to coordinate our scheduling when it was done manually. By implementing CRP the schedules are automatically generated for all processes –thus allowing the people involved in the scheduling process to perform other tasks (we essentially were able to eliminate, two positions over 2 years by implementing CRP).”

“Being an automotive supplier means that you must be registered to the current quality/business standards. The AIM Vision® supply chain software has aided in our QS-9000 registration by helping us to be compliant under the following elements: Purchasing; Control of Customer-Supplied Product; and Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery. These same elements are in TS16949 and as we go for registration AIM’s programs will be instrumental in our compliance with the standard.”

This partnership with AIM has continued for more than 30 years.  “In 1997 AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. migrated their product to a windows-based product and Grant did an exhaustive evaluation of repetitive automotive supplier software providers. The Grant Group determined the AIM Vision® product was still the best fit for their needs.”

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