Conference Room Pilot Process

The conference room pilot marks the beginning of implementation. It is comprised of multiple stages with the intention of performing gap analysis from your legacy system to the new software system. Each step will help define where you are now and where you want to go in your business processes with the use of AIM software. We believe that time spent at the beginning examining your current processes and working through your data processing needs will better help to define the implementation process. This will allow us to better plan rollout and establish the best sequence of training and timing for module implementation to actually reduce rework and restarts.

The various components of the conference room pilot include:

  • Validation of processes
  • Simulate transactions from beginning to end of process
  • Analysis of integration impacts
  • Surface and validate any issues or barriers
  • Document possible process changes
  • Define cut-over activities to facilitate the transition from legacy systems to AIM Vision

The initial conference room pilot should be attended by those team members that need to understand the system and will make decisions in the implementation path. During the conference room pilot, we will use your data to walk thru the AIM applications defining your business processes. We will discuss the gaps between what you are currently doing and what you want to accomplish and how to accomplish them.

Using the simulation company data also gives you an opportunity to test new methods on your actual data. After the implementation phase, the data can be used for education or for testing future changes to the company’s system and business processes.