Supply Chain Management

AIM Vision® Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions facilitate better management of the supply chain community by streamlining the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, and logistics management. Our SCM solutions enable you to drive out excess costs and improve inventory and production efficiencies. In addition, AIM Vision is flexible and assists you in being responsive to customer requirements.

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A fundamental of the AIM Vision product, AIM’s EDI is central to the seamless receiving and sending of electronic data. We support ANSI ASC X.12, UN/EDIFACT and ODETTE electronic data interchange standards. Inbound EDI communications can be unattended and auto scheduled to process in off peak hours and ready for review when employees arrive at work. Outbound EDI communications can be auto scheduled to be sent after shippers are updated. We have available EDI transactions for over 300 trading partners including FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota and dozens and dozens of Tier I and Tier II automotive suppliers.

Release Accounting

Our Release Accounting provides a direct update of EDI data into our orders management system and production demand database. Releases and manual orders or spot buys are analyzed and grouped into a standard requirement format over a multiple week demand window to create a demand flow basis for smoothing.

Global MMOG/LE

AIM Vision is an ERP solution that helps meet many of the supply chain logistic requirements of the MMOG/LE guidelines. AIM Vision helps automotive suppliers implement the required business systems and prepare for internal reviews and customer MMOG/LE audits.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control provides the ability to setup standard information about part numbers and maintain an audit log of the transactions raw, assembly, work in process and finished good item numbers. This application is also used to track customer returns and perform physical inventories.

Outside Processing

Outside Processing manages the logistics surrounding outsourced inventory including the ability to track containers shipped and returned by container number or container type. In addition to parts shipped from your facility, it easily accommodates processing scenarios where raw material that is drop shipped from the vendor directly to the outside processor.

Purchasing and Bar Code PO Receiving

The Purchasing and Bar Coded PO applications meet all your purchasing and receiving needs. The standard receiving entry allows for manual entry while the bar coded receiving entry uses RF scanners to scan vendor affixed, or self-affixed bar code labels. The PO Requisition subsystem allows you to enter requisitions for purchases and incorporate a multi-level approval process for purchases based on costs. The MRP to PO subsystem allows you to turn your Planned Orders from MRP into Replacement Releases and issue releases to your vendor based on these orders.

Vendor Releasing

The Vendor Releasing functionality can generate purchase orders to your suppliers (vendors) when replenishment triggers are activated. The Purchasing application can also accept advance shipment notifications from suppliers that communicate in-transit quantities.