Financial Applications

AIM Vision® is the foundation for financial management. Account receivable invoices, account payable invoices, costs of sales, cost of production, cost of scrap, and inventory receipts are generated from AIM Vision transactions and are integrated to financial packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP with ease.

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General Ledger

The financial integration between AIM Vision® and Microsoft Dynamics™ has been Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® GP and seamlessly provides the ability to capture GL distribution at key inventory movement points including Production for Cost of Production and Cost of Scrap Distribution; Inventory Adjustments, Warehouse Transfers, Lot Adjustments and Physical Inventory for General Ledger Distributions; Receivables transactions for Cost of Sales Distribution; PO Receiving data for distribution to inventory and creation of Accounts Payable accrual transactions.

Accounts Receivable

The AIM Vision® Shipping data automatically create invoices, which saves time and eliminates duplicate entry and is the basis for Receivables transactions and Cost of Sales Distribution.

Generate comprehensive sales analysis reporting and provides for sales commission reporting.

Accounts Payable

The AIM Vision® Purchasing application is the basis for the Accounts Payable Interface. AIM AP Invoice Entry provides for easy 3-way matching of purchase order, vendor packing slip and invoice. Purchase Price Variance tracking and reporting aids management in identifying differences in material costs that could affect your profit.

Manufacturing Costing

The Costing application provides the ability to maintain standard and budgeted costs and collect actual costs for computing variances. Material cost may be broken down further by user defined material cost category codes. Actual costs are collected via the Production Posting, Material Usage and PO Receiving options. Non-repetitive costs or indirect costs are entered via the Other Manufacturing Cost Entry option included in this application.

EDI Invoicing and EFT Processing

Electronic Invoices can be created and transmitted to your customers. In addition, electronic payment orders (EFTs) can be accepted. The EDI 820 Payment Advice interface will match the remittance advice to AIM invoice identifying discrepancies in quantity and pricing.


AIM Vision Multi-currency allows you to manage global operations with ease. Easily comply with international currency standards and work with international customers and suppliers while completing financial transactions in numerous currencies.