Deployment Options

AIM Vision is available as an on-premise solution, cloud-based solution or a combination of both. This offers the customer the ability to choose the platform that best meets their needs. Whichever option you choose you will have 24×7 unlimited access to your data.

What is your situation?

Go to the Cloud

You might have a widely dispersed group of company partners who need access to a single database; in addition, you presently do not have network resources either employed or readily available to your location. You are looking for a third party to back up, restore and perform typical housekeeping functions, and are willing to pay for the database services that will rid you of these networking chores. You should look into AIM Vision provided through the cloud.

The On-Premise Choice

You might have a solid infrastructure already in place, with ongoing professional network support, readily available. In addition, you may require the interface to and access of data on a real time basis from multiple databases for your business needs. You might consider an on-premise delivery of AIM Vision products.

The Self-Serving Combination: a Hybrid Model

You may have a business model that is similar to one serviced by the cloud above, but also have need an on-premise solution for high speed validation, integration or other proprietary reasons. AIM will work with you to create a hybrid solution that will meet both your global connection and specific business needs. We will be able to host your AIM Vision applications on your server, a remote server or combinations of both.

In Any Case, You Can Own the Software

Your cloud or on premise software agreement will provide the option to own the perpetual use license for your AIM Vision software. This is a new, dramatically different approach to a typical SaaS model that AIM has named Rent-to-Own™. As the name implies, your rental payments are applied to the perpetual license fee, so that over time, you are issued a paid in full use license, with only maintenance due for new exciting revisions.