Customer Management

AIM Vision® Customer Management solutions support the management of the sales process from Orders Management, to Bar Code Labeling and Ship Order/Shipping through Invoicing and Sales Analysis. Our applications enable manufacturers to improve the complete order process.

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Order Management

EDI information will seamlessly update to the Orders application, and then the data can easily be managed through Blanket Order, Manual Release and Spot Buy Order screens. Additionally, the Order Management application is used to make EDI Adjustments, Accum Adjustments, Reset the Supplier Cum, Reset the High Fab/Material Authorizations, maintain Selling Price Changes and perform Blanket Copies or Model Year Changeovers when necessary.

Ship Order & Shipping

Ship Order uses data from the Orders Management System to determine what requirements are due to ship. The Staging Manager allows you to prep shipments for a date, destination, or load automatically creating and printing the corresponding bar labels for the shipment. Additionally, the Shipping application is used to print all necessary paperwork for shipments. Shipper processing can also generate information used for Ship Delivery Performance reporting and Expedited Shipment analysis.

AIM Mobility – Shipping

AIM Mobility allows a user to carry the power of a PC and the mobility of a scanner in one easy to use tablet device. The AIM Mobility Shipping App makes your shipping employees more productive. Those staging shipments can see a list of shippers, identify which one they want to work with, scan serial labels, pull material, and run exceptions. They can do everything from the tablet including the ship order update and printing the paper work.

Bar Code Labeling (AIAG)

Our Bar Code Labeling addresses the AIAG based label requirements of your customer / trading partner including Serial Labels, Master Labels, Mixed Labels, Destination Labels, Sub Pack Labels, Part Labels, Part Sequence Labels and Honda Delivery Labels. AIM Bar Code Labeling pulls kanban related information from the Shipping Schedules and incorporates it on the bar code label.

Sales Analysis

The Sales Analysis application reports sales statistics based upon shipments made through the Shipping application and manual invoices entered through AIM Vision.