Epicor Automotive Alliance


The Epicor Automotive Alliance (EAA) is a group of Epicor Partners who have banded together to service automotive production part suppliers. Each partner brings to the table proven experience with automotive suppliers and discrete ERP software. Collectively, the group has over 30 resources available to deploy for implementations and other services. AIM Computer Solutions plays a leadership role in this select Epicor community.

EAA customers tend to be larger, and in many cases global organizations with complex multinational accounting requirements. In the US, these manufacturing firms are mostly concentrated in the Midwest, but recent years have had new start up locations in the South with additional clusters of plants around the Texas-Mexico border.

The mission statement of the EAA is straightforward:

To cooperatively work together to provide the absolute best software and services to the automotive part manufacturer, at the most competitive pricing, by leveraging our combined skills and experiences.

The Epicor Automotive Alliance combines the expertise of eight Epicor partners into one seamless enterprise with a focus on your success.

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AIM Computer Solutions, Inc.

Detroit (Fraser), Michigan, USA


Six S Partners, Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


En-compass, Inc.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


e2b teknologies, Inc.

Cleveland (Chardon), Ohio, USA



Monterrey, Mexico


2W Technologies, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Compasys, Inc.

Indianapolis (Amboy), Indiana, USA


Datix, Inc.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Epicor Automotive Alliance member companies are here to help you implement your Epicor version 9 or Epicor version 10 Manufacturing solution needs, or to introduce you to the AutoCOR software solution. Contact Jerry Czernel at (586) 202-1677 or email jerryc@aimcom.com.