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Sheet Metal Fabricator Hidaka USA Automates Inventory Processes with AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App


Hidaka USA, a sheet metal fabricator of mass-produced parts and prototypes, sought out AIM Computer Solutions to streamline and automate its inventory processes. The company’s overarching goal was to improve how it conducted a full physical inventory of raw, WIP and finished goods in the shortest time possible with the highest level of accuracy.

The Challenge: Manual Inventory Processes

The company’s manual inventory processes were prone to mistakes from handwriting errors, consumed too many staff resources and hours and were hindering productivity. Errors often didn’t show up for weeks or months. Incorrect inventory counts likewise affected the company’s ability to secure capital funding.

The Solution: AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App

After reviewing multiple options, Hidaka USA selected AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App, which integrates seamlessly with the AIM Vision physical inventory utility. AIM Mobility is a series of manufacturing productivity apps integrated with AIM Vision ERP software. They deliver tablet touchscreen technology directly to the shop floor bringing data visibility and real-time user feedback. Their error‐checking functionality and real-time validation methods improve production scheduling and productivity.

“We knew our inventory counts were off and looked for an accurate automated solution that would be easy to train and use, with a good ROI,” commented Diane Rosso, Hidaka USA, Inc.

Results: Quick Training, Successful Go-Live

The AIM Computer Solutions team introduced the new inventory process and delivered one hour of scanning training prior to the go-live. Implementation was accomplished in just one day.

For the first inventory go-live, the Hidaka USA team borrowed 8 tablets from AIM Computer Solutions. Two employees were deployed with each tablet. The team scanned serialized barcodes on all products on the production floor, scanning approximated 4200 items. The tablets are programmed to prevent typing errors and give immediate feedback on retired or disqualified products. The AIM Vision Physical Inventory Mobility app delivers real-time tracking of product variances so that suspect variances can be double checked on-the-spot during the scanning process rather than after the inventory process is completed.

Diane Rosso of Hidaka USA stated, “Even better than the dollars saved, we now have an accurate inventory process that informs our production and scheduling needs. The audit record gives us timely and actionable insights.”

Measurable Improvements

Hidaka USA achieved these improvements from using the AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App:

  • Direct labor for inventory was reduced from 320 man-hours to 160 man-hours
  • To prepare for the second-year full physical inventory using AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App, Hidaka USA purchased tablets the morning of the scheduled inventory and used them that afternoon, highlighting how intuitive they are to configure and how easy they are to use.
  • The second-year full physical inventory was accomplished in eight hours. Many of the employees who performed the first inventory remembered how to use the process and did not need any retraining.
  • For the third-year full physical inventory, Hidaka USA has indicated that no on-site support will be needed and that the employees are fully trained in the use of AIM Mobility Physical Inventory App.

Read the full customer success story.

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