AIM Mobility

AIM Mobility is a series of manufacturing productivity apps that interface with AIM Vision ERP software to move the power of tablet touch screen technology to the shop floor providing improved data visibility and real-time user feedback.
The AIM Mobility applications are designed to run on Android-based tablets. Android technology delivers open architecture and supports full-size USB wedge scanners or keyboards. Utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, the tablet, scanner and AIM Vision will communicate together in real-time.


Easy to Use

  • Streamlines work flow process by eliminating steps
  • More engaged user experience

Priced Right

  • Yearly subscription fee has no limit to the number of users
  • Lower cost of ownership than RF scanners
  • Minimal training cost due to intuitive design and ease of use
  • Cost savings through productivity gain

Reduces Input Errors

  • Real-time validation and error checking helps accelerate business process and improves productivity