Mobility MES Product Announcement

AIM announces the release of the new AIM Mobility MES tablet application.  Mobility MES is designed to work on tablets with Android OS.  It is used within a workcenter by the operator to track production, downtime, scrap and efficiencies.  The app provides a method for printing labels and tags on demand.  It is designed to compliment the existing lot trace-ability features and functions in our flagship AIM Vision product.

Mobility MES is yet another Industry 4.0 solution from AIM Computer Solutions to meet the smart factory needs of the automotive production parts supplier.

Mobility MES - Tablet App - Material Screen

Sample Mobility MES Material Screen with Component and Lot Queue


Mobility MES Downtime Scree

Sample Mobility MES Downtime Screen – when the work center is in downtime no other activity can take place until the operator returns to the Run mode.


Sample Mobility MES Scrap & Disposition screen

Sample Mobility MES Scrap & Disposition screen: easily keep track of scrap and dispositioned material by reason code

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